ETFs For The 2nd Half Of

Rising rates, global trade disputes, and other geopolitical developments continue to change the dynamic for investors. If you haven’t done so already, the midpoint of the year can be a good time to reflect on your investment mix.


If you are interested in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), one tool that may be of use is Fidelity’s ETF screener that can quickly sort through a lot of data based on choices you make, to help you identify specific investments. You can search for ETFs using a variety of characteristics like the funds’ objectives, fundamentals, technicals, performance, volatility, trading characteristics, tax considerations, and analyst ratings.


Below, we feature 3 examples of ETF screens that you might consider running, in light of recent market developments, plus the top results for each.


  1. Sector ETFs

Second-quarter 2018 earnings reporting season began in July. According to S&P Capital IQ, consensus estimates are calling for 8 of the 11 US sectors to see double digit year-over-year earnings per share gains (9 of the 11 sectors are expected to have positive growth), led by energy, materials, financials, and technology, while real estate and utilities are expected to report declines (see table below).


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